We are a Personal Property Liquidator:  a source for
organizing, appraising and selling all or some of the contents of your home.

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»  May 16 & 17 - Tenafly
»  May 23 & 24 - Estate in Franklin Lakes
»  June 9 - 7 - Glen Rock

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• Personal Property Liquidators

Our service is to act as a middle person or agent between the buyer and our client, whether for one item, a collection or the entire contents of a home. Our primary aim is to handle the sale and disposal of contents of homes with discretion providing various solutions to suit a client’s unique circumstances.

Once our services are engaged, we research, organize, price and sell items for the best possible market value. If requested we can refer the client to a clean out service providing for a totally clear home with a minimum of fuss.

With a selling network acquired over 30 plus years, we appeal to a continually growing directed customer base and consistently command higher prices.

Our first meeting with the client is a free consultation to assist them in making effective decisions to plan a move, liquidate an estate or arrange for the sale of individual items. Here is a sample of how we promote your sale on our web site.

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• Appraisals

We can provide total content or clock appraisalsingle item appraisals for Estate or Insurance purposes in accordance with the guidelines of the Appraisers Association of America. Request more information.

• Home Organization

Our Home Organization service can help you simplify your lifestyle. This can take the form of a written plan or we can provide the labor to physically perform the task of bringing order to all or part of your home. In keeping with our recycling philosophy, we recommend using what is already available in your home. Contact Us to get started.

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